How long will it last?

As you’re probably familiar with conventional roofing materials we’ll use that as a comparison.  A well laid ‘felt and gravel’ flat roof will have a typical lifespan of 10-12 years before it will need stripped back and re-laid.  In contrast, a fibreglass covered flat roof could be expected to last up to 40 years or more – over 300% longer.

The only maintenance required in that time might be to renew the top layer of ‘gel coat’ – a fairly quick and inexpensive process which will return the roof to almost ‘as new’ condition.

Make this the last time you need to repair your flat roof

If you’ve already had to repair or replace your existing flat roof then you will be well aware of the cost, inconvenience and limitations of felt covered roofs.  Almost any roof (unless incredibly small) will have had seams between individual layers of felt.  And where there’s a seam it’s almost guaranteed that at some point in the future that joint will breakdown and water will penetrate – risking the integrity of the whole roof.

This situation simply isn’t possible with fibreglass because it completely encapsulates the roof boards beneath to form a unitary covering with no seams.  Water cannot get underneath it and the wind can’t lift it.

To see exactly what we mean why not contact us and we can show you a small sample section of fibreglass roof. Once you’ve seen it for yourself we’re convinced you’ll never consider a bitumen felt covered roof again.

Make sure the next time you have your flat roof repaired … it’s the last time. Contact Strand GRP to arrange a free quote.